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Technical Requirements

This guide outlines the technical requirements for Leeds Beckett distance learning courses.

Your learning content is designed to be delivered online, with streaming presentations with audio and online activities. There may be some materials that you can download and access offline, but you should be prepared to study fully online.

MyBeckett - Your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

MyBeckett is the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) where you access and study your course materials. We have provided a summary of technical recommendations below, but you can find further information on the supplier’s website:





Operating system

Windows 7 or above

Mac OSX 10.8 or above

Windows 10

Mac OS 10.12


1 GHz processor

2 GHz or faster processor


512 MB of RAM

2 GB of RAM or higher

Monitor resolution

1024 x 768

1024 x 768 or higher

Free Hard disk space

5 GB of free disk space

20 GB or higher of free space

Internet Connection

Broadband connection of 2 Mbps or higher

Broadband connection of 4 Mbps or higher

Browser and version

Chrome v63 or higher

Edge v42 or higher

Firefox v57 or higher

Safari v6 or higher

Chrome 63 or higher



Adobe Acrobat Reader

JavaScript (often enabled in browser by default)

Adobe Acrobat Reader

JavaScript (often enabled in browser by default)

Adobe Flash Player

Internet Connection

Your learning content consists of media-rich webpages, audiovisual content and files to download. We would normally recommend a minimum internet speed of at least a broadband connection, operating at least at 2Mbps or more for a reasonable user experience

My Beckett will operate between 0.2Mbps and 2Mbps, however you will experience extremely slow download and upload speeds and should expect choppy audio and video.

You can check your internet speed using PC Pitstop. Select the London option to see how quickly you are connected to our servers in the UK.

Mobile Learning

Your learning content is accessible through mobile devices but is not designed specifically for mobile learning.

The Library provide information about the MyBeckett mobile app that you can use to view your MyBeckett module content.

Accessibility Compliance

Leeds Beckett University works hard to ensure that, as far as possible, it is accessible to a wide a range of students. Nevertheless, we recognise that some students will require individual adjustments made to enable them to access our assessment, learning and teaching provision.

The University has a Disability, Dyslexia and Assessment Centre team where students can disclose their disability/impairment in confidence and discuss their reasonable adjustments with experienced Advisers who will then coordinate the arrangements for the adjustments to be made and provide advice and guidance to both students and academic colleagues on the requirements.

Learn more about support available from the Disability Service.

Technical Support

Our Digital Learning team have a website which has lots of resources for technical support. See their guidance on Essential Browsers, Software and Plugins for more information.

You can also email the team at

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